The AI Pitch Accel­erator

First, refine your idea by pitching it to our panel of 100% AI investors.

One investor loves your idea, one needs convincing, and one is skeptical (and kind of a jerk).

Your first round of feedback on each element of your pitch is absolutely free! You can download a PDF with all the feedback when you're done, too.

NEW! Then, our AI can generate a slide deck for you - including the stock images!

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Check your elevator pitch is clear and generates interest.

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What's the problem that your startup is trying to solve?

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How will your startup solve your customers' problem - and will they pay?

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What's the product that your startup is going to sell? Is it live?

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You've got a product (or at least an idea), but who's going to buy it?

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How is your business going to make money? Have you made any?

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Who is working on this - and what makes them a perfect fit for their role?

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What signs are there that there's market interest in your product?


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PitchExpert in the news

I pitched my ridiculous startup idea to a robot VC

In the case of my water bottle drone delivery system, PitchExpert’s advice was probably entirely too sensible for what my very silly startup idea deserved. While some of it was relatively generic (How do you plan to scale? Think about the value proposition), other comments were surprisingly on-point. It identified some of the available markets that would be open to bottled water by quadcopter and noted that one of my biggest competitors would be the not-exactly under-resourced Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

PitchExpert uses OpenAI's GPT-3 to simulate investor responses, rewrite and generate text. The model is not conscious or sentient in any way, unlike the majority of human venture capitalists. In essence, it's guessing what a smart investor's response to hearing your pitch is most likely to be (with some tuning to gather a range of "opinions" by simulating more and less enthusiastic listeners). The AI is trained on a very wide range of documents from across the internet, so in many cases it's able to make predictions for what an investor might say that include relevant facts about the market for your product, for instance.

PitchExpert was built as an "internal" fundraising tool, which escaped confinement and recombined with anthropologies of innovation and the potlach logic of venture capital, inhuman rationalist theory-fiction and generative aesthetics. Part hypercapitalism reduced to a text-based adventure game, part

PitchExpert is designed to give you a range of feedback, from uncritical boosting to bluntly negative. In reality, that's the same experience you'll get talking to a range of investors - it's part of your job as a founder to decide which advice to ignore! We don't advise you to treat any of the responses as more likely to be correct than another. We do advise you to click "get responses" at least two or three times on each page to see how investor responses might vary.

To start, just enter your elevator pitch - two or three sentences works best. Click "Get Feedback" to see what our virtual VCs have to say about it, or "Rewrite" to have our AI writing coach polish it for you. Click "Apply to rewrite your elevator pitch taking an investor's feedback into account - it's that easy! Once you've settled on your elevator pitch, click "Continue" to work on your problem description. Once you've entered your elevator pitch, our AI can even generate the rest of your pitch, apart from your team and traction - tho we're working on connecting LinkedIn and Mixpanel soon.

No, you don't need to be an expert in pitching to use PitchExpert. In fact, PitchExpert was designed to help people who are not experts in pitching to create better pitches. Simply enter your information in the form and PitchExpert will do the rest.

No, we aren't. If we wanted more startup ideas, we'd ask the AI. Seriously though, your inputs won't be shared with anyone or mined for venture ideas, though we may use input and response data to refine our own product.